Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Zombification has always remained an unanswered mystery. It’s associated with Voodoo practice in Haiti.

Clairvius Narcisee died at the Albert Schweitzer hospital in haiti in 1962 .18 years after his death, he visited his sisters home and even told details about his childhood. Hospital records certified that what he was claiming was correct. He also had a scar on his cheek from a nail when it was driven in to his coffin. It was believed that the Bokor took his body from grave and spells and poison he torned him into his slave.Clairvius claimed the dispute over family land between his brothers brought his death.

Another incident is that of Felicia Felix-Mentor, of Haiti, who died and was buried in 1907; found wandering the countryside in 1937.The photograph(shown alongside) of Felicia Felix-Mentor is one of the known photographs of Zombie.

Zombification is still one of the biggest fear among many Haitians.

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