Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sea Monsters

Captain of "HMS Daedal us" ship Mr. Peter .M. Quhae once reported to The British Administration about sighting a 60 feet long ocean monster.

Afternoon of August 6th, 1848 the ship was traveling 300 miles away from West of Africa over the Southern Atlantic. Ship was on its journey from East Indies to Plymouth in England.Sartoris a worker in the ship saw something strange moving behind the ship.

He immediately reported it to Captain Quhae.Captain along with two other workers came to the deck. They were shocked to see a Monstrous snake like animal moving through the waters with its head raised 4 feet above the water level. It was about 60ft long. The width of the head was around 16 feet. Below the head on its back it had some sort of a hair. It was moving in a speed around 15 miles per hour. It soon passed them and disappeared. The captain reported that it was so near that they could see it very clearly with naked eyes.

This is only one of the incidents in the series of sighting sea monsters Sea monsters still remains a mystery No one is able to confirm whether they do exists or not.

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