Friday, March 30, 2007

The Brown Lady of Raynham

The Brown Lady of Raynham is one of the most famous ghostly stories known.There is no proof till date to complete disapprove her existence

The Brown Lady of Raynham is the ghost of Lady Townshend who was married to Charles Townshend, a man known for his fiery temper. When Charles learned of his wife's infidelity, he punished her by imprisoning her in the family estate at Raynham Hall, located in Norfolk, England. He never allowed her to leave its premises, not even to see her children. She remained there until her death, when she was an old woman.

In the following centuries after her death many reports about sighting her ghost in Raynham Hall came out. In 19th century King George saw her when he was staying at Raynham Hall. He claimed that he saw her standing beside his bed wearing a brown dress. he also described her face was pale and her hair was untidy. In 1835 Colonel Loftus also saw her when he was at the house for Christmas holidays. He saw her when he was walking to his room late night .He saw her standing in the hall in front of him. He again saw her next week, this time he could see her more clearly. He described her as wearing a brown dress. And he said he was horrified to see her eyes gouged out. After Colonel Loftus incident more reports came out

Some years later the Colonel Loftus incident novelist Captain Federick Marryat decided to spend the night in the room where the ghost was seen but he couldn’t see her. but few days later he saw her when he was coming downstairs with his two friends. They saw her carrying a lantern and it moved past them as they were hiding behind a door. He said she grinned at them and he suddenly came out from behind of the door and shot her with his gun but the bullet passed through her.

Most notable of the incident occurred at September 1936, two photographers Captain Provand and Indre Shira were assigned at Raynham hall by “Country Life” magazine.Shira explains the incident as follows

"Captain Provand took one photograph while I flashed the light. He was focusing for another exposure; I was standing by his side just behind the camera with the flashlight pistol in my hand, looking directly up the staircase. All at once I detected an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. Rather excitedly, I called out sharply: 'Quick, quick, there's something.' I pressed the trigger of the flashlight pistol. After the flash and on closing the shutter, Captain Provand removed the focusing cloth from his head and turning to me said: 'What's all the excitement about?”

When they developed they found the ghostly woman and the picture was published in Country Life on December 16, 1936(The picture shown alongside)

Till now there is nothing to prove that the brown lady of Raynham herself isn't real.

-Just another Mystery

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sea Monsters

Captain of "HMS Daedal us" ship Mr. Peter .M. Quhae once reported to The British Administration about sighting a 60 feet long ocean monster.

Afternoon of August 6th, 1848 the ship was traveling 300 miles away from West of Africa over the Southern Atlantic. Ship was on its journey from East Indies to Plymouth in England.Sartoris a worker in the ship saw something strange moving behind the ship.

He immediately reported it to Captain Quhae.Captain along with two other workers came to the deck. They were shocked to see a Monstrous snake like animal moving through the waters with its head raised 4 feet above the water level. It was about 60ft long. The width of the head was around 16 feet. Below the head on its back it had some sort of a hair. It was moving in a speed around 15 miles per hour. It soon passed them and disappeared. The captain reported that it was so near that they could see it very clearly with naked eyes.

This is only one of the incidents in the series of sighting sea monsters Sea monsters still remains a mystery No one is able to confirm whether they do exists or not.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Zombification has always remained an unanswered mystery. It’s associated with Voodoo practice in Haiti.

Clairvius Narcisee died at the Albert Schweitzer hospital in haiti in 1962 .18 years after his death, he visited his sisters home and even told details about his childhood. Hospital records certified that what he was claiming was correct. He also had a scar on his cheek from a nail when it was driven in to his coffin. It was believed that the Bokor took his body from grave and spells and poison he torned him into his slave.Clairvius claimed the dispute over family land between his brothers brought his death.

Another incident is that of Felicia Felix-Mentor, of Haiti, who died and was buried in 1907; found wandering the countryside in 1937.The photograph(shown alongside) of Felicia Felix-Mentor is one of the known photographs of Zombie.

Zombification is still one of the biggest fear among many Haitians.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Haunted Cemeteries

Here are some notable reports from cemeteries of Missouri

The Bethel Campground Cemetery in Benton has been reported of ghostly activites.Many incidents of unexplained voices have been reported. Some claims to have seen blue lightings floating through the vicinity.

The Lobb Cemetery in Blue Springs also has been reported for strange lights. Also some say a ghost of little boy is haunting the area. Many claims that photographs taken here shows a globe of light when developed

In Stanberry, The Coopers Cemetery is reported for unexplained sounds of babies crying. A ghost of an old man is reported to have seen here who appear at random moments. He is reported to have carrying a lantern and when one focus on him he disappears.

In Mount Vernon, the Spanish Cemetery is known for abnormal paranormal activity .Many have claimed to have seen glowing red light in this area

A Cemetery in Owl Road in Neosho is also known for its haunting. The sounds of babies
is said to have heard from this area. Some claims if one listen carefully a faint cry of a baby can be heard from a baby grave.

In Bolivar that Catholic Cemetery a black figure is said to haunt the surroundings. At the Shiners Cemetery in Braymer blue lights have been reported to have glowing from ground. Strange yelling has been reported from Ryder Cemetery.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wild Woman

In the middle of 18th century, some hunters from Ochamir region of Georgia ,Russia captured a ‘wild woman’. The woman had ape like features. She had a massive bossom, thick arms, legs, and fingers and was covered with hair. She was named Zana by the hunters. She was so violent so that the hunters had to keep her in a cage for some years and food tossed to her. Later she became human friendly and started doing some simple tasks like grinding corn. She had an incredible fortitude against cold and couldn’t stand in a heated room.

She enjoyed herself gorging herself on grapes from the vine and had a weakness on wines, often drinking so heavily she would sleep for hours. Colin Wilson points out in The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries, this is likely how she became mother of many children to different fathers. Her children died usually when she washed them in freezing water. She expected them to withstand the cold like her but being half homosapiens they were killed. The villagers later took her children away from her and brought them up like their own. Unlike their mother they had ability to communicate

Zana died in 1890.Her youngest child died in 1954.Later Professor Porchnev researched on her stories and interviewed many old people from trhe village .They remembered Zana and her grandchildren Her grandchildren had dark skin and one her grand children named Shalikula had powerful jaws that he could lift a chair with a man sitting on it

Saturday, March 24, 2007


In 1973 several people had reported seeing a hair mud covered monster in Murphysboror, Illinois, which is a small town on banks of Big Muddy river.

This creature seems to be a living 'swamp thing’. In documented sighting reports the monster is described as a lumbering hulk, roughly 6 feet tall and wide, like a very big boned man. The creature is covered with fur that is a dirty brownish color, the fur is always covered and matted with mud and pieces of plants and leaves. The creature appears to weigh around 200 lbs. The creature’s eyes glow a pinkish-red color. It is reported to have a foul smell

Here are some encounters of the monster which is to be noted

A man who owned a junkyard near the river often smelled something very rotten or foul.
When searching for the source of the odor he sighted the creature. The creature stood there looking at the man a few seconds then turned and lumbered away towards the river. This same man, smelled the odor a couple more times, and again each time he encountered the creature.

In another encounter, two men who were coon hunting with some dogs, trailed the creature to an old barn. Standing outside the barn, the men said they heard the most horrible sounding growling imaginable. Refusing to enter the barn, one of the men threw a dog in, through an open door. No sooner was the dog thrown in, when it suddenly howled and ran back out. The dog ran into the nearby woods, with the men following.

A couple sitting in their car on June, 1973 heard strange sounds from woods nearby and then they saw a monster, 8feets tall, which has its body covered with brown hair and mud coming out of the woods and it was coming straight at them. The couple drove off and reported the incident to police

Worked of a fairground nearby saw the monster at some tethered ponies. Two teenagers claimed to have seen the monster very close and they claimed that the monster had a foul smell of river slime.

Murphysboro police chief Toby Berger ordered a search but nothing was found all they could find was some crushed grass, broken trees and some black slime

-Just another mystery

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Self Burning Humans

On January 6, 1980, police and forensic specialists discovered a man’s body burned from a living room of a house in Blackwood Ebb Vales, Wales, United Kingdom. The body was almost fully burned, but the strangest factor was that armchair on which he sat was hardly damaged. Also nearby plastic objects were completely untouched by fire. Even though the fire didn’t damage the nearby objects it was so powerful that it burned almost completely the body, also as a note of the fire strength, it left a coating of vaporized flesh on the ceiling of the room. It still remains a mystery how the nearby objects were untouched by such a strong fire.

-Just Another Mystery

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Strange Coincidence

In 1787, January 25, during the period of Shez revolution in Massachusetts, in Springfield a man named Jabbers from Layton was killed by two bullets during an attack. During this incident he was wearing a coat which was worn by his brother Daniel during his death. In 1784, March 5 Daniel was killed by two bullets wearing this coat.

The bullets which killed Jabbers passed through the same two holes made by bullets which killed his brother Daniel 3 years ago.

The Giant Foot Prints

In 1931, giant foot prints were discovered from Alkali region of Great White Sans in New Mexico. It looked like foot prints of a human being. It was discovered by a government trapper. One Year later the head of Lincoln Forest Dr.Fred Arthur enquired about these footprints. Government Trapper Ellis Right was their guide. They discovered 13 foot prints from a hill in the valley north of San Andres Mountains.

The foot prints had strange sizes. It looked like that of human beings. It was16 to 22 inches long and 8 to 12 inches wide. There was 5 feet difference between each footstep and 2 feet width between two legs.

More excavations were done in 1972, 74 and 81.When the study was first done the footprints seemed 2 and half inches deep. But in 1974 the footprints were standing 1 and half inches above ground level.

The foot prints was left by a heavy weighted animal and the area where its foot landed was hardened by the force and so it remained and area around it was swept by rain and wind. In 1981 it was seen more inches above ground.

Nobody had doubt in it was footprints of an animal. Some say it was 10000 years old and was foot prints of Mammoth but there is no solid proof to prove it.

But most of researches believe it’s the foot prints of two feeted animals. So it cant be considered as that of mammoth. These foot prints are still preserved for further studies but it still remains a mystery

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Green Children Of Banjos,Spain

In August 1887, two strange children were found in a cave near Banjos, Spain.

Some workers who were harvesting their fields heard frightened cries, after their investigation they discovered two green skinned children, a boy and a girl, terrified and huddled near a cave. They were screaming in a language that was not Spanish, and they were wearing clothes made of a strange material.

The villagers tried to take care of them but they both refused to eat or drink. The boy soon died but the girl finally began to eat uncooked vegetables, mostly raw beans, and was soon healthy.

The strange girl lived for five years after her appearance, during which time her skin slowly lightened to a normal Caucasian tone, she also learned Spanish fast
She said that she and her friend had come from a land with no sun and the people there, all green skinned, lived in a perpetual twilight. There was a land of light, but it was beyond great water. She said she and her friend was blown off by a strong storm which swept their land one day and was finally brought to the cave.

In 1892 the girl too died and the origin of these children still remains a mystery
-Just another mystery

Pape And Page

The Sunday Times In London conducted a competition on a topic ”An unexpected event in your life”. They received about 2000 entries. The result was announced on May 5 1974.The winner was a person named C.J Page from Surry. The below was his entry

“I was a young army man working in British Army. In 1940 I was working in an army camp in England. Another fellow army man from another troop (Troop-A) mistakenly got my much awaited wedding photos which was send by post and he opened it by mistake. He apologized for opening the post. It was not strange for something happening like this as our names and numbers was very similar .His name was Page, Number: 1509322 and my name is Pape, Number 1509321

Due this similarities in name and number the problems with post continued till I was posted to another section

After the war was over I got a job in London Transport Department as a driver. I had my posting in Mettron Dippo.One salary day when I went to get my salary I saw that more tax was levied on me. I went to superintend with a complaint. On my complaint they checked the records and they found that my salary bill was mixed with another driver’s salary bill. That’s why the issue occurred. I was surprised when I learned about the other driver; it was Page the same old fellow. Adding to my surprise his driving License number was 29223 and mine was 29222”

A Rebirth

Jnanathilaka Khandevithana was a baby girl born in 1956 in mid Srilanka.She started troubling her parents when she was just 1 year old.She started to indicate her parents that she had another mother and father. She made it more specific when she was two. She told her parents that the father and mother she was telling about was from her previous birth.

She told them that her previous family lived in a village called Thalavakale which is 16 kilometers from the place where Jnanathilaka and her family lived. She even told the names of her brothers and sisters in her previous birth. She told them that she was a boy in her birth before.

A religious leader heard about this and he found the family which she was telling. A boy called Thilakaratna has died 15 months before the birth of Jnanathilaka.In 1961 they brought Jnanathilaka to her previous family

Jnanthilaka identified 7 members of the family also identified 2 village members from the crowd.She also identified her teacher of her previous birth in first sight. She even had dislikes and likes same as that of Thilakaratna (her name in previous birth).Both of them liked blue color

Thilakaratnas parents told that he had always a girlish character whereas Jnanaratnas parents told that she had a boyish character. Also Thilakaratna had died falling from a height,Jnanaratna was always afraid of heights.

Nobody could find any relationship or contact between families involved in this case. So there is only one possibility that is Jnanaratna was telling the truth

Just another mystery

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Strange Animals-Big Foots

This is news reported by Chinese news agency in 1954 .Chinese People’s army Film studios Film director Paishin and his unit once returning from shooting on Himalayas saw two strange two feeted Animals.
It was a morning of their return journey on Pamir Mountains in Himalayas about 19600 ft above seas level ,they saw two strange two feeted, straight standing animals .The animals were walking thorough a slope near to them .It seemed like the animals had a bend over its back. They were walking too easily over the rocks. The shooting unit shouted and fired their guns into the air but it had no effect on the animals. It soon disappeared into the mountains.It still remains a mystery what were those animals.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (a.k.a. the Devil's Triangle) is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded roughly at its points by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Legend has it that many people, ships and planes have mysteriously vanished in this area. Rosenberg claims that in 1973 the U.S. Coast Guard answered more than 8,000 distress calls in the area and that more than 50 ships and 20 planes have gone down in the Bermuda Triangle within the last century.

Many theories have been given to explain the extraordinary mystery of these missing ships and planes. Evil extraterrestrials, residue crystals from Atlantis, evil humans with anti-gravity devices or other weird technologies, and vile vortices from the fourth dimension are favorites among fantasy writers. Strange magnetic fields and oceanic flatulence (methane gas from the bottom of the ocean) are favorites among the technically-minded. Weather (thunderstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, high waves, currents, etc.) bad luck, pirates, explosive cargoes, incompetent navigators, and other natural and human causes are favorites among skeptical investigators.

There are thoeries explaining the gravitational force of earth is at the maximum around this area.There are also stories stating th area is place of temporory residence for Aliens.There are diffenet explanations given to the strange occurence in Bermuda triangle

The modern legend of the Bermuda Triangle began soon after five Navy planes [Flight 19] vanished on a training mission during a severe storm in 1945. The most logical theory as to why they vanished is that lead pilot Lt. Charles Taylor’s compass failed.

There are some skeptics who argue that the facts do not support the legend, that there is no mystery to be solved, and nothing that needs explaining.The number of wrecks in this area is not extraordinary, given its size, location and the amount of traffic it receives.

But Bermuda Triangle still remains a mystery and is one of the most famous mysteries presently known.

Flying Saucers

There are many pilots who have claimed to have seen Flying saucers.Two of them are pilots of Eastern Airlines Clrence .S. Chilace and John B .White
In 1948 ,July 24 when they were flying over 20 miles west of Montgomery in Alabama at about 2:45 am they saw a flight came just opposite to them .At first they thought it was a jet plane
This is what Chilace says in his report
"It was travelling in East west direction .It was travelling at very high speed.We turned our flight to left,it also turned to left. It passed 700ft away from our right.It had no wings"
It passed thorugh side of White so he could see it more clrealy.This is what he says
"It had 100ft length ,had shape of a cigarette.It had no wings.Without wings it had twice the size of a B-29 plane"
Chilace says some more.
"It had a dark blue lights from its looked like blue flourescent light.Smoke it emmitted was of reddish orange had also a row of windows ,bright lights were shining out of also had something like a radar in front of moved in to the clouds"
Chilace later checked into the cabin only one passenger was awaken at that time and that was Clarence,he also claimed that he saw the same .He said he saw something very shining passing and it disappeared very quickly.He said it looked like a cigarette emitting fire.
Later an enquiry was ordered by Airforce authorities and they couldnt find anything and they concluded it was a meteorite and closed the file
-Just another mystery

Friday, March 16, 2007

A plane which disappeared into the skies

1938 April 17, a plane disappeared in to sky when it was flying over a densely populated area.

Famous steel industrialist's son in law Andrey Karneeg Whitefield started his flight from Long Islands Roosevelt field Airport .His destiny was an airport 22 miles away .He had experience flying plane over 200 miles.His plane had enough fuel for 150 miles journey but it disppeared in the skies strangely.After this incident a search was ordered and order was followed very efficiently but nothing was found.And strangest of strangest ,1 year later some railway police reported that they have seen andrey driving a car in Counsil Blufs in Ayova.And they said andrey had waved his hands to them.That was the end of the story of andrey and noone has seen andrey again

-its just another mystery

Falling Baby

Joseph Figlock when walking through a street of Detroit in 1930 a baby fall on him from a window on top most floor of a building .Same baby fell on him again from the same window of the bulding 1 year after the incident.Both times they escaped without any injuries

-Just another mystery

The Titan And Titanic

Morgan Robertson published a novel in 1898 which was about a TransAtlantic Ship "Titan".The Ship which was declared unsinkable wrecked colliding with an iceberg onits first journey.Strangely.. The Titanic (1912)after 13 years from the year of Publishing the novel had same fate .Titanic which was also a Trans Atlantic ship was known as unsinkable but wrecked on its first journey colliding with iceberg.

The similarites between Titan and Titanic are to be noted

Month in which wreck occured
Passengers and workers
25 nots
23 nots

Lincoln and Kennedy

The assaniations of Lincoln and Kennedy was one of the most unfortunate and sadly events in the History of America.There are strange similarites between the deaths of the two greats.

Lincoln was voted as President of US in 1860 whereas Kennedy was elected on 1960 that is exactly after 100 years.

Both of them had given constant support for rights struggle by Blacks.

Both of them were assasinated on Friday in the presence of thier wife.Both of wives had lost a son when in whitehouse.

Both of them died by shot on back head

Lincoln was assanitaed at Ford theatre,whereas Kennedy was assasinated when he was traveling on a vehicle design by Ford motors company and that convertible vehicle was named Lincoln

The names vice presidents who followed them was Johson and they both were sentators and democratics

Andrey Johson was born on 1808 whereas Lindon johson was born on 1908 thats exactly 100 years
Private secretary of Licoln had firstname as John whereas last name of private scretary of Kenndey was lincoln

John Wilcolns Booth was born on 1839 and lee harvi oswalds lincoln was born on 1939

Murderers of both of them were members of terrorist political parties
Both of them died before thier conviction.Also Murderer of lincoln ran into a rice mill after he shot Lincoln and for Kennedy he was shot from a rice mill and murderer ran in to a theater after he shot kennedy

Just another mystery

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Death Hidden "42"

1963 may 5 The war free japans first Grand Prix -Susuka Circuit in Nago

Masavo Asano was the favourite to win the circuit .He had chosen "42" number for his car.,This caused a lot of displeasement among his fans as it was an unlucky number in Japan .42 Refers to Shini in Arab which is related to Shingu in japanese Which means "todie".But inspite of all these Masavo chose to continue with the number

The race started and Asano has lead over the first round and as he was approaching final lap he lost his control and slid into an accident .When officials arrived at the spot it was all late.He was dead

Japan Auto federation soon prohibited the use of number 42 in the country for all races.

Next year the second Grandprix in Japan ,Same susuka circuit,there were almost 1 and half lakhs spectators -A big event.It was sporters who records the running positions of cars over each lap and they record this on the notes.and as there were lot of cars they record it by cars number and when the race was finshed when sproters looked into thier notes they were surprised to see that a "42" had passed through 8 laps out of 25 laps.Nobody knows about what type of car it was and who is its driver.

Some believe it was Asano who came back to ride over the circuite he loved to win
-Just another Mystery