Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Haunted Cemeteries

Here are some notable reports from cemeteries of Missouri

The Bethel Campground Cemetery in Benton has been reported of ghostly activites.Many incidents of unexplained voices have been reported. Some claims to have seen blue lightings floating through the vicinity.

The Lobb Cemetery in Blue Springs also has been reported for strange lights. Also some say a ghost of little boy is haunting the area. Many claims that photographs taken here shows a globe of light when developed

In Stanberry, The Coopers Cemetery is reported for unexplained sounds of babies crying. A ghost of an old man is reported to have seen here who appear at random moments. He is reported to have carrying a lantern and when one focus on him he disappears.

In Mount Vernon, the Spanish Cemetery is known for abnormal paranormal activity .Many have claimed to have seen glowing red light in this area

A Cemetery in Owl Road in Neosho is also known for its haunting. The sounds of babies
is said to have heard from this area. Some claims if one listen carefully a faint cry of a baby can be heard from a baby grave.

In Bolivar that Catholic Cemetery a black figure is said to haunt the surroundings. At the Shiners Cemetery in Braymer blue lights have been reported to have glowing from ground. Strange yelling has been reported from Ryder Cemetery.

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