Friday, March 16, 2007

A plane which disappeared into the skies

1938 April 17, a plane disappeared in to sky when it was flying over a densely populated area.

Famous steel industrialist's son in law Andrey Karneeg Whitefield started his flight from Long Islands Roosevelt field Airport .His destiny was an airport 22 miles away .He had experience flying plane over 200 miles.His plane had enough fuel for 150 miles journey but it disppeared in the skies strangely.After this incident a search was ordered and order was followed very efficiently but nothing was found.And strangest of strangest ,1 year later some railway police reported that they have seen andrey driving a car in Counsil Blufs in Ayova.And they said andrey had waved his hands to them.That was the end of the story of andrey and noone has seen andrey again

-its just another mystery

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