Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Rebirth

Jnanathilaka Khandevithana was a baby girl born in 1956 in mid Srilanka.She started troubling her parents when she was just 1 year old.She started to indicate her parents that she had another mother and father. She made it more specific when she was two. She told her parents that the father and mother she was telling about was from her previous birth.

She told them that her previous family lived in a village called Thalavakale which is 16 kilometers from the place where Jnanathilaka and her family lived. She even told the names of her brothers and sisters in her previous birth. She told them that she was a boy in her birth before.

A religious leader heard about this and he found the family which she was telling. A boy called Thilakaratna has died 15 months before the birth of Jnanathilaka.In 1961 they brought Jnanathilaka to her previous family

Jnanthilaka identified 7 members of the family also identified 2 village members from the crowd.She also identified her teacher of her previous birth in first sight. She even had dislikes and likes same as that of Thilakaratna (her name in previous birth).Both of them liked blue color

Thilakaratnas parents told that he had always a girlish character whereas Jnanaratnas parents told that she had a boyish character. Also Thilakaratna had died falling from a height,Jnanaratna was always afraid of heights.

Nobody could find any relationship or contact between families involved in this case. So there is only one possibility that is Jnanaratna was telling the truth

Just another mystery

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