Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Green Children Of Banjos,Spain

In August 1887, two strange children were found in a cave near Banjos, Spain.

Some workers who were harvesting their fields heard frightened cries, after their investigation they discovered two green skinned children, a boy and a girl, terrified and huddled near a cave. They were screaming in a language that was not Spanish, and they were wearing clothes made of a strange material.

The villagers tried to take care of them but they both refused to eat or drink. The boy soon died but the girl finally began to eat uncooked vegetables, mostly raw beans, and was soon healthy.

The strange girl lived for five years after her appearance, during which time her skin slowly lightened to a normal Caucasian tone, she also learned Spanish fast
She said that she and her friend had come from a land with no sun and the people there, all green skinned, lived in a perpetual twilight. There was a land of light, but it was beyond great water. She said she and her friend was blown off by a strong storm which swept their land one day and was finally brought to the cave.

In 1892 the girl too died and the origin of these children still remains a mystery
-Just another mystery


Ayman said...

Can you write the source.
thank you in advance

Ayman said...

Can you write the source.
thank you in advance

KORDY said...

I think they are from anther demention and they have come to ours in some conditions that have happened accidentally
as you see
-they were green (from a land with no sun )
-they were look like us
-the boy didnt last and died (i think because of the change of the natural of our land or our demention and so is the girl ........ but i dont know why the girl last longer than the boy)
-what she said about her world

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Anonymous said...

I saw them when I was tripping on acid