Friday, March 16, 2007

Lincoln and Kennedy

The assaniations of Lincoln and Kennedy was one of the most unfortunate and sadly events in the History of America.There are strange similarites between the deaths of the two greats.

Lincoln was voted as President of US in 1860 whereas Kennedy was elected on 1960 that is exactly after 100 years.

Both of them had given constant support for rights struggle by Blacks.

Both of them were assasinated on Friday in the presence of thier wife.Both of wives had lost a son when in whitehouse.

Both of them died by shot on back head

Lincoln was assanitaed at Ford theatre,whereas Kennedy was assasinated when he was traveling on a vehicle design by Ford motors company and that convertible vehicle was named Lincoln

The names vice presidents who followed them was Johson and they both were sentators and democratics

Andrey Johson was born on 1808 whereas Lindon johson was born on 1908 thats exactly 100 years
Private secretary of Licoln had firstname as John whereas last name of private scretary of Kenndey was lincoln

John Wilcolns Booth was born on 1839 and lee harvi oswalds lincoln was born on 1939

Murderers of both of them were members of terrorist political parties
Both of them died before thier conviction.Also Murderer of lincoln ran into a rice mill after he shot Lincoln and for Kennedy he was shot from a rice mill and murderer ran in to a theater after he shot kennedy

Just another mystery

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