Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pape And Page

The Sunday Times In London conducted a competition on a topic ”An unexpected event in your life”. They received about 2000 entries. The result was announced on May 5 1974.The winner was a person named C.J Page from Surry. The below was his entry

“I was a young army man working in British Army. In 1940 I was working in an army camp in England. Another fellow army man from another troop (Troop-A) mistakenly got my much awaited wedding photos which was send by post and he opened it by mistake. He apologized for opening the post. It was not strange for something happening like this as our names and numbers was very similar .His name was Page, Number: 1509322 and my name is Pape, Number 1509321

Due this similarities in name and number the problems with post continued till I was posted to another section

After the war was over I got a job in London Transport Department as a driver. I had my posting in Mettron Dippo.One salary day when I went to get my salary I saw that more tax was levied on me. I went to superintend with a complaint. On my complaint they checked the records and they found that my salary bill was mixed with another driver’s salary bill. That’s why the issue occurred. I was surprised when I learned about the other driver; it was Page the same old fellow. Adding to my surprise his driving License number was 29223 and mine was 29222”

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