Thursday, March 15, 2007

Death Hidden "42"

1963 may 5 The war free japans first Grand Prix -Susuka Circuit in Nago

Masavo Asano was the favourite to win the circuit .He had chosen "42" number for his car.,This caused a lot of displeasement among his fans as it was an unlucky number in Japan .42 Refers to Shini in Arab which is related to Shingu in japanese Which means "todie".But inspite of all these Masavo chose to continue with the number

The race started and Asano has lead over the first round and as he was approaching final lap he lost his control and slid into an accident .When officials arrived at the spot it was all late.He was dead

Japan Auto federation soon prohibited the use of number 42 in the country for all races.

Next year the second Grandprix in Japan ,Same susuka circuit,there were almost 1 and half lakhs spectators -A big event.It was sporters who records the running positions of cars over each lap and they record this on the notes.and as there were lot of cars they record it by cars number and when the race was finshed when sproters looked into thier notes they were surprised to see that a "42" had passed through 8 laps out of 25 laps.Nobody knows about what type of car it was and who is its driver.

Some believe it was Asano who came back to ride over the circuite he loved to win
-Just another Mystery

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