Saturday, March 17, 2007

Flying Saucers

There are many pilots who have claimed to have seen Flying saucers.Two of them are pilots of Eastern Airlines Clrence .S. Chilace and John B .White
In 1948 ,July 24 when they were flying over 20 miles west of Montgomery in Alabama at about 2:45 am they saw a flight came just opposite to them .At first they thought it was a jet plane
This is what Chilace says in his report
"It was travelling in East west direction .It was travelling at very high speed.We turned our flight to left,it also turned to left. It passed 700ft away from our right.It had no wings"
It passed thorugh side of White so he could see it more clrealy.This is what he says
"It had 100ft length ,had shape of a cigarette.It had no wings.Without wings it had twice the size of a B-29 plane"
Chilace says some more.
"It had a dark blue lights from its looked like blue flourescent light.Smoke it emmitted was of reddish orange had also a row of windows ,bright lights were shining out of also had something like a radar in front of moved in to the clouds"
Chilace later checked into the cabin only one passenger was awaken at that time and that was Clarence,he also claimed that he saw the same .He said he saw something very shining passing and it disappeared very quickly.He said it looked like a cigarette emitting fire.
Later an enquiry was ordered by Airforce authorities and they couldnt find anything and they concluded it was a meteorite and closed the file
-Just another mystery

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