Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Giant Foot Prints

In 1931, giant foot prints were discovered from Alkali region of Great White Sans in New Mexico. It looked like foot prints of a human being. It was discovered by a government trapper. One Year later the head of Lincoln Forest Dr.Fred Arthur enquired about these footprints. Government Trapper Ellis Right was their guide. They discovered 13 foot prints from a hill in the valley north of San Andres Mountains.

The foot prints had strange sizes. It looked like that of human beings. It was16 to 22 inches long and 8 to 12 inches wide. There was 5 feet difference between each footstep and 2 feet width between two legs.

More excavations were done in 1972, 74 and 81.When the study was first done the footprints seemed 2 and half inches deep. But in 1974 the footprints were standing 1 and half inches above ground level.

The foot prints was left by a heavy weighted animal and the area where its foot landed was hardened by the force and so it remained and area around it was swept by rain and wind. In 1981 it was seen more inches above ground.

Nobody had doubt in it was footprints of an animal. Some say it was 10000 years old and was foot prints of Mammoth but there is no solid proof to prove it.

But most of researches believe it’s the foot prints of two feeted animals. So it cant be considered as that of mammoth. These foot prints are still preserved for further studies but it still remains a mystery

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