Saturday, March 24, 2007


In 1973 several people had reported seeing a hair mud covered monster in Murphysboror, Illinois, which is a small town on banks of Big Muddy river.

This creature seems to be a living 'swamp thing’. In documented sighting reports the monster is described as a lumbering hulk, roughly 6 feet tall and wide, like a very big boned man. The creature is covered with fur that is a dirty brownish color, the fur is always covered and matted with mud and pieces of plants and leaves. The creature appears to weigh around 200 lbs. The creature’s eyes glow a pinkish-red color. It is reported to have a foul smell

Here are some encounters of the monster which is to be noted

A man who owned a junkyard near the river often smelled something very rotten or foul.
When searching for the source of the odor he sighted the creature. The creature stood there looking at the man a few seconds then turned and lumbered away towards the river. This same man, smelled the odor a couple more times, and again each time he encountered the creature.

In another encounter, two men who were coon hunting with some dogs, trailed the creature to an old barn. Standing outside the barn, the men said they heard the most horrible sounding growling imaginable. Refusing to enter the barn, one of the men threw a dog in, through an open door. No sooner was the dog thrown in, when it suddenly howled and ran back out. The dog ran into the nearby woods, with the men following.

A couple sitting in their car on June, 1973 heard strange sounds from woods nearby and then they saw a monster, 8feets tall, which has its body covered with brown hair and mud coming out of the woods and it was coming straight at them. The couple drove off and reported the incident to police

Worked of a fairground nearby saw the monster at some tethered ponies. Two teenagers claimed to have seen the monster very close and they claimed that the monster had a foul smell of river slime.

Murphysboro police chief Toby Berger ordered a search but nothing was found all they could find was some crushed grass, broken trees and some black slime

-Just another mystery

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