Sunday, April 8, 2007

Time Travel

On August 10, 1901 two school teachers Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain visited Versailles. After seeing Palace of Versailles they started to walk to see the Petit Trianon, but they missed a right turn and walked straight and suddenly without their knowledge they traveled backward in time. They came to cross a garden which didn’t exist in 1901 but existed in 1789.they also saw people who died more than a century ago and even talked to them. Their experience was announced in 1911 and ever since lot of researches was done on it.

Annie Moberly was the daughter of an Oxford Don who later became the Bishop of Salisbury, England. She became a teacher and was appointed as the 1st principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford. Eleanor Jourdain was also a daughter of a preacher. She went on to become the vice-principal of St Hugh’s High school, where she happened to be become a good friend of Annie.

Their experience was submitted to lot of researches since then and was supported by lot of researchers over the years.

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