Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shepherd Healer

Athanasios Contogeorge shepherd from Greece became famous when he healed a child’s crooked leg when he was 28 years old. Before this incident he was just confined to animals He soon became very famous and came to be called as Vlahos (means shepherd).He started treating millionaires and many distinguished persons One among of them was the King Paul of Greece who broke his foot in an accident. Another notable person among his patients was Haile Selassie of Ethiopia who had a backache when he was visiting Greece.

He became so famous that he had hundreds of patients each day .Soon medical authorities brought a case against him in Athens court. They claimed he was a fraud and was performing black magic on people.

When judge asked him if he had healing powers, Athanasios answered he didn’t know. But when a doctor asked him whether he professes to heal he answered that he does heal. He was then asked if he does have a medical certificate from any university or if he had any permission to practice medicine. They further abused him saying he is illiterate and he could not read or write. The doctors asked the court to ban him from continuing his practice of black magic and fooling innocent people.
Athanasios was so much hurt by the attack of doctors that he challenged doctors asking if any of them could perform what he was going to perform he would stop healing. The doctors argued against this as they thought he was going to do some trick but the judge allowed him to proceed.

The Shepherd went to the back of court room and he untied a lamb that had been tethered there. He then patted it and broke its leg. The people in the room could clearly hear the legs break. He then asked the doctors to examine the lamb and doctors verified that its leg had been broken.

Shepherd then put the lamb on the floor and set its bone in place. To everyone’s shock the lamb got up and began to run around in the courtroom. The doctors even examined it but they had no answer to what they had just found out. The shepherd asked if anyone of them could perform the same and he won his case.

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