Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Death Worm

Mongolian Death Worm is a snake like monstrous creature said to live beneath the sands of Gobi Desert. The creature is known to spit acid like saliva on its victims. The Worm can also pump out jolts of powerful electricity meters away. The local name given to the worm is Allghoi(or Orghoi). It is believed that touching any part of the worm will bring instant death, and its venom supposedly corrodes metal.

The creature is claimed to be bright red in color, two to five feet long, it resembles the intestine of a cattle. It is sometimes described as having darker spots or blotches, and sometimes said to bear spiked projections at both ends. Its tail is short as if it is cut off. It moves in strange ways either is said to roll around or wriggle sideways. It is seen only during hottest months of year-June and July and later part of the year it sleeps under the sands. It comes out of the sands mainly when ground is wet when it can kill easily by its powerful shock of electricity

Some scientists claim Death worm is not a worm at all but claims that it belongs to a group of reptiles known as amphisbaenas or worm lizards. These are a primitive group of poorly studied animals. They are not snakes or lizards but are related to both.

The existence of Death worm still remains unconfirmed and mysterious. Mongolians very much believes in the existence of creature and are so afraid of this terrible beast that they simply clammed up and refused to talk about it.

-Just another Mystery

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