Sunday, April 15, 2007

Deadbody Returns Home

Charles Francis Coghlan a Canadian Actor went on a tour to Texas in 1899.While on the tour he was taken ill and died in Galveston. The actor was from Prince Edward Island, in the Gulf of St Lawrence. It was almost 3500 miles away from Galveston, too far to return his body to home. So he was buried in a lead coffin inside a granite burial chamber in Galveston.

In less than a year the great hurricane of September 1900 hit the Galveston Island. The hurricane flooded the cemetery. The burial chamber was destroyed by the flood and Coghlan’s coffin floated out into the Gulf Of Mexico, it later floated along the Florida coastline and into Atlantic, from where it was forced north by Gulf Stream.

After eight years, one day in October 1908 some fishermen on Prince Edward Island spotted a long, weather-scarred box floating near the shore. It was Coghlan’s coffin.Coghlans body at last came home. The Islanders later buried the actor in a nearby church where he was christened as a baby.

-Just another mystery

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