Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Island

The Dutch Navigator Jacob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island in 1722.Easter Island is a tiny Island in Pacific Ocean 2,500 miles west of Chile. When Jacob Roggeveen discovered Easter Islands he was shocked to see huge stone statues there.

Easter Island is volcanic, with very few trees. It does have plenty of insects and only rats as animal population.

There were about 100 completed and 150 half finished statues on the Island. The statues have ruthless expression and are gigantic .Some of them as high as a three storied building and weigh over 60 tons. They signify Caucasian Males with long ears, large eyes, protruding chins and little legs. The statues are almost naked with some sort of carving around the stomach. The statues are so symmetrical that when erected they had perfect balance. Some of the statues are now topple and broken.

The race they represent is a mystery with their turned-up noses and thin lips.They has no eyes but only have deep holes under the large noble head. They seemed like they are in a state of thinking deeply. The statues construction might have stopped suddenly in 1600s.Some statues are half carved from volcanic rock and the carver’s tool still lie scattered near by.

Many explanations were given to the strange statues one of it is that the group of long ears who came to the island in 475 A.D.Some years later another group of short ears came to island who were enslaved by the Long ears race. The Long ears group made the short ears group work on the statues but around 1600s the short ears got up against the long ears and killed all of them.

There are many explanations which surround Easter Island but none of it have been proved successfully The mystery still remains.

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